Karolina Fučíková

Postdoctoral Researcher

Karolina Fučíková obtained her Ph.D. in the UConn EEB department (advisor L. Lewis) on the systematics of chlorophyte green algae, and later took the leading role in acquiring, characterizing and analyzing green algal chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes for the GrAToL (Assembling the Green Algal Tree of Life) and collaborated with other Lewis lab members and statisticians in the UConn Statistics department on the Bayesian Phylogenetic Information Content project.

Karolina is now an Assistant Professor in Biology at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. You can reach her at karolina.fucikova@gmail.com.

Photo of Karolina Fučíková
Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-1811
Fax(860) 486-6364
Mailing AddressDepartment of Natural Sciences, Assumption College, 500 Salisbury St., Worcester, MA 01609