Prospective Students

View of campus from New Storrs Cemetery
View of UConn campus from New Storrs Cemetery

Find yourself drawn to both biology and mathematics? I was. As an undergraduate, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be a biologist or a mathematician, so I majored in both math and biology and ended up with a very satisfying career that combines the two!

If you have a love for biology and an itch for mathematics and/or computer programming, please send me an email ( You needn’t worry if you do not yet have formal training; that’s what graduate school is all about! The important thing is to have a natural curiosity and a willingness to work hard. UConn is recognized for its excellent programs in both evolutionary biology and statistics. Getting a degree here provides the opportunity to work with the best scientists and receive formal training in both fields.

My higher degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.) are both in Plant Systematics, so I would also entertain the idea of a graduate student working on a purely botanical M.S. or Ph.D. project. The UConn EEB department is remarkably deep with respect to botanical expertise, with faculty specializing in green algae (L. Lewis), bryology (Goffinet), angiosperms (Les, Anderson, Coe), morphology, development and evolution (Jones, DiggleSchlichting), genomics and evolutionary genetics (Yuan), population and quantitative genetics (Holsinger), and computational genomics (Wegrzyn). So if you like plants, especially the evolutionary history of plants, please feel free to write to me and begin a conversation.

Storrs, Connecticut, is a clean, safe, and beautiful place to live. UConn as long had a reputation for being rather isolated, surrounded by farmland and forest with a paucity of restaurants and, well, stores. The farmland and forest part is still largely true, but in 2013 a major development project came to fruition resulting in an veritable concentration of stores and restaurants in Storrs Center. Storrs now has a very active Main Street that is still unfolding!

Photo of Jacobson Barn, UConn campus, Storrs, CT
The Jacobson Barn is a UConn landmark.